Edison Chen hopes everyone will forget the past

Edison Chen once declared that he would retire from showbiz, but ended up making his comeback not too long after that announcement.

The 30-year-old Canadian-Chinese singer, whose sex scandal implicated a number of notable female stars, has started his fashion business and is releasing a new album.

In a media report, he said that he has to first forgive himself, then seek forgiveness from society and lastly from Nicholas Tse and his wife Cecilia Cheung.

Tse was Edison's best friend and Cheung was one of the women involved the sex scandal two years ago.

Chen said that he will "react naturally... talk to them [and that he] won't avoid them" if he met Tse and Cheung again.

On whether Gillian Chung, another artiste whose reputation was severely damaged by the scandal, would consider him a friend, Chen did not give a straight answer but merely said that "the incident took place years ago, we've grown up. Hope everyone can forget the past!"

He called his girlfriend Vincy of four years a "superwoman" and thanked her for her support "in many things". However, he has no plans to get married in the near future: "I have so many things to do. It's more important to be happy everyday."

Cold response for Edison Chen

Is the sex photo scandal still affecting the singer?

Edison Chen is officially back to the showbiz and his new album CONFUSION will be released on December 30.

But people seem not too be too enthusiastic over his return.

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During an event, in which he appeared as guest to promote his new album, Edison rapped two songs and got a cold response from the audience.

Most remained silent throughout the event with only Edison's good friends cheering for him.

There are 15 songs in the singer's new album and they are about his experiences over the past two years.

The song Reboot talks about him starting over again while Salute is inspired by the aftermath of his explicit photo scandal.

Edison said he wanted to salute people who had both supported as well as those who did not because they gave him strength to do well.

He admitted that he was nervous about his official comeback: "I was afraid I couldn't rap anymore."

Edison Chen to Make Come Back in October

It has been over more than a year since the Edison photo scandal sent shockwaves. Following the return of actresses Gillian Cheung and Cecilia Cheung, Edison Chen is staging his own comeback as well.

The 29-year-old performed John Lennon’s Imagine to great response at Hong Kong rapper duo Fama’s recent concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In an interview that followed, Chen, who was one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after actors before the scandal, announced his plan to return to the music scene, latest by October.

He revealed that he is launching an album before October and it will be a channel for him to share his thoughts with his fans.

The bulk of the material will be in Mandarin with the rest being Cantonese numbers, said Chen.

While he is responsible for penning the Cantonese lyrics, he plans to seek help from Taiwanese rapper MC HotDog to churn out the Mandarin lyrics.

“He will help me to translate the original English lyrics to Mandarin," he said.

“I have to write my own lyrics for this album, because I have a lot to say to my fans and I don’t want it to be misinterpreted.”

During his disappearance from the limelight, Chen said he had offers of live performances but he had turned them down because he did not want to perform his previous hits.

On his acting career, he said, “I’m not ready yet to take on any film roles, but it’s important to gain support from the people first."

“I have been staying in the US these few years. The Americans have a whole set of different value system compared to the people in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong people are always after the goals set by the people around them. They should just chill and go for what they really want," he said.

"I’m not asking everyone to accept me. I can only know whether they do when I launch the album."

Edison says he is Ready to Come Back

By Mao Renjie
Two years after his public announcement to "step away indefinitely" from the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to a sex photo scandal, Edison Chen has broken his silence, speaking exclusively with the Global Times about his plans to return to the showbiz world in full force. Chen also made his first public appearance in Beijing since the scandal, attending the launch last Tuesday of Adidas Originals' new line A039.

"With now as the best timing and me in my best state, I am ready for my come back," Chen said.

According to Chen, he will start recording a new album by the end of the month, with hopes that the first single will be released in time for summer. Taiwanese musicians including rapper MC Hot Dog and possibly Jay Chou, will contribute to the album, according to Chen, differing from his previous hip-hop-styled releases.

"The album is to reflect my thoughts and feelings over the past two years," Chen said. Despite confessing that music is not his true passion, he explained that he would continue to release albums because music is one of the few ways in which he can truly express himself.

"There were times that things I said in interviews were misquoted or misinterpreted by reporters or the public," Chen commented cautiously, adding that he can only deliver what he really wants to say to his fans and the world correctly and faithfully with the lyrics he writes.

He added that he will write most of the lyrics on the new album, but only in English and then his assistants will translate them into Chinese.

Chen also revealed that his new film would start shooting before the end of this year, which he will both star in and produce. The production will be his first attempt at producing and therefore "a huge challenge." He said that he has been talking with many directors and has decided to make a low-budget film.

"Of course I want to make big-budget blockbusters, but I am too young and inexperienced for that," Chen added thoughtfully, "I think I'd better start with small-scale ones and move on to bigger productions later."

Though declining to answer questions directly related to the sex photo scandal, Chen admitted that he is different from two years ago, before the infamous incident took place and almost ruined his otherwise successful career.

"I feel older and more mature," said the 29-year-old Chen, who used to be known for his bad-boy charm. He compared his change to the new line of Adidas A039 sportswear that was being launched, which has added more design elements to its previous pure sportswear collections.

"Two or three years ago, I was like the old line which focuses on one direction and is more obvious. I wish for the new me to be more sophisticated and mature."

Edison Chen is a Hong Kong-based Chinese-Canadian actor, singer and fashion icon. He is also the founder of fashion brand CLOT. In early 2008, intimate and private photographs of Chen with various women including actresses Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung were illegally distributed over the Internet. The scandal created massive public and media attention and resulted in Chen's absence from showbiz altogether until recently.

Is this boy Edison Chen's son?

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's son, Lucas, may not be his. In fact the boy resembles Cecilia's sexcapade boyfriend Edison Chen.....and so goes the rumour mills.

But this time, some parties in Hong Kong have taken it a step further by alleging that the power couple's three-year-old toddler was fathered by Edison Chen - Cecilia's former lover!

It all started when the latest photo of Lucas leaked online (http://t.sina.com.cn/liloveme).

According to sina.com, Nicholas'cute son bears an uncanny resemblance to the disgraced Hong Kong singer/actor when he was a child.
Lucas and mummy during a family outing

Lucas and mummy during a family outing

In fact, netizens in the Chinese-speaking world have already engaged in a heated debate over this issue.

"His eyes are like Edison's; his nose is definitely Cecilia's," claims nownews.com, a top Chinese entertainment portal. "Lucas is a handsome boy and he's gonna grow up to have the best of Edison and Cecilia."

Edison and Cecilia (and a string of Hong Kong starlets, including Gillian Chung) were involved in a high-profile sexcapade photos that rocked the world in 2008.

Definitely, the wild rumour about his boy has enraged Nicholas. The Bodyguards and Assassins star reiterated that, "Lucas is my son - no matter what people say. Now leave my child alone!"

Edison Chen Making Comeback in Taiwan

The night before, Edison Chen announced his big comeback plans in Taiwan. Besides preparing for his new album, he also plans to step into Hollywood, he expressed he is currently in contact with a few films.

Edison reveals his decision back into the entertainment circle, he will start recording for his newest album at the end of this month and will collaborate with an American Film Company at the end of the year and there are also other contract invitations. Edison said: "This is going to be a big battle, I hope everyone will support me." He expressed that he will put in the effort for producing good songs, after he finishes with his album, he hopes to have more time in Taiwan, he believes he'll be spending more time in Taiwan than in Hong Kong. Asked if love will be the theme for his album? Edison said: "The new song is based on my feelings the last few years, not about love. It's about confession of feelings."

The other night, besides Edison there was also Jolin Tsai, who Edison had not kept in touch with since the Artist Photo Scandal. Although that night Jolin and Edison were at the same event, they did not meet and it is believed that this arrangement is deliberate. Jolin was asked about Edison's comeback into the entertainment circle, she expressed her anticipation: "I am happy for him."

Edison wants Tony Leung to play him

This year Edison Chen turns 30 years old and has experienced a lot in the last 10 years. Besides the Artist Photo Scandal 2 years ago, he has demonstrated talent in doing business and investment. Edison was asked if his life experiences were brought up to the big screen as an inspirational story, which actor does he want to play him the most? He expressed Tony Leung Chiu Wai is the best candidate.

Before the photo scandal, Edison's goal was to earn enough money by age 32 for retirement, but because of the incident his plans were forced to change. Now, he's still ambitious in business planning to have 18-25 clothing stores opened worldwide by 2012. He then will continue to open up to 30, 50 stores with more and more people acknowledging his brand. He said: "After the incident, there are more people in my store. Before 50 or 60 year old people that didn't listen to hip hop music would not know who Edison Chen is, now everyone knows who Edison Chen is. Some people would come have a look at my store in disguised. Since the opening of my store, I deliberately tied the brand to myself. Currently, there are many foreigners out there that knows this brand, but don't know who Edison Chen is yet, but I'm still really happy."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU